Cybord platform

The Cybord platform provides OEMs with a better and more comprehensive view of their production lines. It ensures the assembled electronic components’ authenticity and quality and provides the highest level of traceability.


The Cybord AI platform aggregates and analyzes images and data from 100% of the components at various production stages. It combines and analyzes existing unutilized visual data and production metadata, ensuring:

  • Authenticity
  • Product Quality
  • Traceability

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The Cybord platform achieves end-to-end visibility and control over the product assembly life cycle.


Cybord Kingfisher – Allows purchasing electronic components on reels securely.


Cybord Aquila- Ensures high yields of a product from its early assembly stages.


Cybord Osprey- Verifies visual traceability of marked components assembled on each PCBA


Cybord Falcon – Serial Board ID In A Component- Traceability As a Service


Cybord platform provides High-level Traceability (IPC level 4A) with no additional hardware!

High-level Traceability = High productivity and reliability