Stadler – WireX

The first of its kind!

The STADLER WireX is the first machine in the market able to dewire crosswired bales in one pass: no need for double feeding or manual work.


Outstanding Engineering

The STADLER WireX uses a specially designed detecting system to fully automate and speed up the dewiring process, achieving an outstanding capacity of up to 60 bales/h (single-wired).

The machine uses sensors to measure the bales. Its geometry is adapted to the standard bale dimensions from Europe and the USA to ensure trouble-free operation.

Innovative Technology

The new WireX is equipped with a PLC control system including an innovative bale measurement system.
It has a vibration-resistant steel frame, integrated detection and measurement units, as well as integrated cutting tools.
The total of 17 electric drives ensure the outstanding operation of wire removal.