TechnoMaszBud – Pellet mill PRIME-200 | 11 Kw

Pellet mill PRIME-200 can be used as a stand-alone device, as well as a working element in a mini-line for pelletizing and pellet production. The machine for the production of pellets stands out for its high power and endurance, as well as ensures uninterrupted operation during 2 changes.


Pellet press is suitable for processing the following raw materials: sawdust, wood chips of coniferous and deciduous breeds, the waste after production in carpentry, the waste of grain in the manufacturing industry, feed mixtures with different composition, including the bran, PP and PVC, sunflower, hay and straw, grass, etc.


The TechnoMaszBud company offers PRIME-200 granulator / pellet machine that can produce not only feed, but also fuel pellets.

Wood pellets are characterized by a large variety. They are made from various tree species. The material fed into the granulator determines

how efficiently the central heating boiler will operate and how much heat it will release into the environment. Thus, there is a demand for

different types of wood pellets and for this reason, several types of pellets need to be produced. Of course, we took into account the above


The PRIME-200 granulator is equipped with a powerful engine, movable rollers, and a matrix with holes of various diameters (customer can choose from 2 to 8 mm). The granulator can be purchased as a whole or only the working part can be ordered if you have a motor with a housing. Granulation of raw materials allows you to improve the efficiency of your enterprise, regardless of whether it is a farm or a company producing straw pellets or other types of granules. We produce equipment that allows you to earn money even in times of economic crisis.


We have improved this model and added movable rollers that allow you to pellet the following types of raw materials:

sawdust of coniferous trees;

sawdust of deciduous trees;

sunflower husk, straw, hay, grass;

feed mixtures;

plastics (polypropylene, bags, film).