SIGMADAF CLARIFIERS: MBR system – Biological reactor + membrane filtration

Membrane bioreactors, also known as MBR systems, are aerobic activated sludge biological reactors, which combine the biological degradation process, known as “activated sludge”, with solid-liquid separation by membrane filtration. These membranes can be either hollow fiber or flat membranes.


Our MBR bioreactors maximize their efficiency and performance because they employ advanced ultrafiltration membrane technology as the separation method. Thanks to this technology, the biomass concentration inside the reactor is much higher than that of conventional clarifier reactors, being possible to reach between 6,000 and 12,000 mg/L.

This type of membrane clarification installed inside an activated sludge reactor provides the following advantages:

  • Increased organic matter removal performance in reduced volume and space.
  • The quality of the output water is constant.

Our membrane bioreactors are delivered in a compact system and ready to operate upon arrival at the customer’s site.