Software development: D-RisQ’s software toolset

Software development: D-RisQ’s software toolset provides a comprehensive and cost-effective way to verify software design for complex and safety critical systems. This is essential for domains such as autonomous systems, aerospace, aviation and automotive, where reliable and functional code is crucial. Our software development tools cover the whole process from requirement capture to design verification and code validation. The toolset automates the verification of complex system requirements, improving software development efficiency and quality. Our tools are easy to use and support model-based design flexibility, reducing development time and costs significantly and ensuring flawless behaviour assurance.




Kapture® – From Vision to Precision: Kapture® paves the path to reliable software helping users to write clear, concise, and unambiguous software requirements.


  • Improved Clarity and Verifiability of Software Requirements
  • Early Issue Identification and Prevention
  • Enhanced Collaboration among Stakeholders
  • Reduced Subjectivity and Improved Reviews
  • Cost and Time Savings


Modelworks®  – Automates Design Verification for Simulink and Stateflow in an engineer-friendly format.


  • Early Error Detection and Cost Savings
  • Optimized Design Selection
  • Reduced Design Errors
  • Efficient Compliance and Evidence
  • Time and Effort Savings



CLawZ® – Bridging Design and Code: CLawZ® streamlines software development by checking that autocode complies with coding standards and undertaking automatic proof that the code satisfies the design, thereby reducing costly re-work.


  • Error Reduction and Cost Savings
  • Automated Verification
  • Proof of Implementation
  • User-Friendly Error Identification
  • Seamless Tool Chain Integration



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