LEGIC 6000 series – RFID, Bluetooth® and Secure Element in one Module

Intelligent security and contactless interaction for connected infrastructure and IoT devices. With application code and cryptographic keys stored in Secure Element (SE), the LEGIC 6000 series is ideal for compact, low-power, contactless applications requiring secure user authentication and credential management. It supports smartcards and iOS / Android smartphone apps based on LEGIC Connect.

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Multi-purpose security modules

The LEGIC 6000 series support all relevant smartcard/RFID technologies as well as Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC for mobile applications. The modules enable easy design of security critical applications requiring RFID or mobile credentialing and are perfect for low-power, compact applications in access control, hospitality, Industrial IoT, carsharing, public transportation, e-payment, Smart City, and more.


Product Information

Secure application and cryptographic key store
The tamper-proof hardware Secure Element (SE) is ideal for storing security-critical code and customer-specific application keys. For use with LEGIC Orbit, a secure transport key is pre-programmed. Encrypted end-to-end communication with customer- and application-specific management systems is supported. The 8 x 8 mm System-in-Package integrates two ARM processors, Bluetooth, NFC, passive components and SE chip.

The LEGIC security platform
The 6000 series is an integral part of the LEGIC end-to-end Security Platform which includes smartcard ICs, key and authorization management tools (LEGIC Orbit for mobile and LEGIC MTSC for smartcards). For mobile applications, the modules work seamlessly with the software service LEGIC Connect which consists of a cloud-based Trusted Service and Mobile SDK for iOS and Android. Thanks to the versatile and seamless interoperation of these components, a wide range of applications requiring user authentication and mobile credentialing via smartphones/tablets, smartcards and other devices can be realized quickly and easily.