The Linde X20 – X35 electric forklift models

They are the first electric trucks from Linde Material Handling who match the performance and robustness of Linde’s hydrostats, while offering the additional environmental benefits of battery-powered operation. Equally important: The battery-powered vehicles do not give off any emissions during operation and do not produce any harmful CO2 so long as the electricity is generated from renewable sources such as wind, solar or biomass. Linde X20 – X35 series trucks are capable of meeting performance standards where conventional electric trucks reach their limits. These include, among other things, mastering large gradients, achieving long-term high handling rates, and operating in the presence of large amounts of dust and dirt. To achieve this level of performance, motors based on synchronous reluctance technology. This improves the efficiency of traction motors and hoist motors by up to 5 percent, resulting in corresponding efficiency gains overall. Two more technical highlights take the Linde X20 – X35 series up to the performance level of an IC truck: firstly, the motors are additionally equipped with neodymium magnets, and secondly, the water cooling of the power modules ensures that performance can be provided over a long period of time without any restrictions, e.g., in multi-shift operation.


Important for outdoor applications is the fact that Linde X20 – X35 trucks can handle very uneven ground, just like IC trucks. This is enabled by the long wheelbase, the large tires and the elastomer ring bearings used as shock absorbers on the front axle. They prevent vibrations and shocks triggered by uneven ground from being transmitted to the operator via the wheels. All in all, this reduces physical stress so that a consistently high level of work performance by both man and machine is made possible. Fully sealed or encapsulated units in the battery and engine compartments ensure imperviousness to dirt and dust particles. Sufficient energy is provided by the lithium-ion system developed by Linde Material Handling: it consists of shock-resistant high-performance batteries and chargers of varied dimensions, all designed to be exceptionally safe.


The new electric forklift truck series and the IC trucks of the current model range are based on one and the same platform concept. This means that operators benefit from excellent visibility between the mast sections, to the sides, to the rear and upwards. Just like the weather protection cab with fully glazed doors, most of the other options of the IC truck are also available for the electric forklifts. The optional, fully integrated air conditioning system with eight-nozzle ventilation system provides powerful cooling and heating to ensure operator comfort and thus high productivity in all ambient conditions, while the optional “Linde Motion Detection” driver assistance system provides greater safety: Sensors register