Text Vision

Introducing Text Vision—a revolutionary solution meticulously crafted for handwritten documents. Harnessing the power of deep learning, Text Vision elevates read rates by an impressive 30%, setting a new benchmark in accuracy and efficiency.


Utilizing cutting-edge AI methodologies, Text Vision deftly navigates through even the most challenging texts, ensuring unparalleled readability. This comprehensive solution embodies an array of capabilities, including sophisticated region-of-interest detection, state-of-the-art character recognition, and image interpretation prowess.

Built upon Prime Vision’s foundational expertise in character recognition and machine vision, Text Vision epitomizes the culmination of our core technology. Our unwavering commitment to innovation fuels an extensive research program, driving continuous advancements in Vision Technology. This dedication secures our position as global frontrunner in recognition development.


  • Increases read rates and decreases error rates
  • Even the most difficult texts can be read
  • We make use of the latest AI techniques
  • Higher performance and tailored solutions


More information: https://primevision.com/text-vision-address-vision/