Robotic Sorting

Introducing Robotic Sorting, an ingenious autonomous solution crafted by Prime Vision, engineered to revolutionize sorting centers into adaptable and future-proof hubs.


Traditionally, sorting centers have been rigid and challenging to adjust according to evolving needs. Robotic Sorting is the transformative key, empowering any sorting center to transcend its limitations and become a dynamic, responsive space. Rather than relying on static chutes, the future of sorting centers embraces intelligent robots that autonomously decipher sorting decisions for parcels. With just a flat surface, your sorting center can be equipped with these intelligent robots in a matter of days—effortlessly upgrading its capabilities!



  • Increased productivity and throughput of parcels
  • Flexible and easily scalable solution
  • Short implementation time
  • Staff shortages are no longer a problem. Handle higher volumes with less people.
  • Low investment compared to traditional fixed sorting centres


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