• Engineering Services • We’ve clients from EU, USA and Australia (Investors, EPCs and project developers). We completed preliminary and detailed design, electrical and statical projects, MV/ HV designs, analysis and simulation report studies etc.
  • With expertise and local know-how, our team easily manages MV/ HV designs, engineering and consultancy.
  • We’ve in-house civil engineer and external geo & survey engineers in our team. We can prepare statical studies and expertise reports.
  • Some software we have: PVCase, Helios 3D, Autocad Civil3D, PVSyst, ETAP, Lumion and 3D Max etc.


  • Supply Chain • Transformers, Switchgears and Stations; Turkey is one of the leading MV/ HV equipment producers of Europe. Together with well-known producers like Schneider Electric, ABB, Siemens, Eaton etc, there many high-level MV/ HV equipment producers who are producing as EOM or under their local brand names. Thanks to the production abilities, prices and delivery times are better than European factories.
  • LV Boxes/ Panels; quite same story with MV/ HV equipment. As you know, many LV boxes must be tailor-made and we’ve really nice LV Panel manufacturers in our network.


  • Construction, Project & Site Management
  • EPC: we established an installation partners network from Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Bulgaria, and Hungary. We can handle EPC works.
  • Project Management, Site Management & EPC-M; we can provide project managers, site managers, site engineers and site technicians (or teams of course) for time limited contracts. (6 months, 1 year, 2 years etc.).
  • Site Visit, Geo Studies, and Surveying Works; we can provide experts (with their equipment) for site visit & investigation, soil surveying, ramming tests and topo map studies.