SDC Verifier

SDC Verifier is an all-in-one solution that provides simulation, calculation, standard verification, and engineering reports. Skip multiple transitions between dedicated modeling, simulation, and verification software – try SDC Verifier.


SDC Verifier can be used independently or in tandem with Ansys, Femap, and Simcenter.

Import your drawings, 3D file or existing FEA model from any other FEA software. Or create your own design using a modern and intuitive graphical interface.

Analyze your design with the proven Simcenter Nastran solver. A reliable solver combined with the features of SDC Verifier allows engineers to cover simulation and verification with just a few clicks.

SDC Verifier provides users with an interface to combine all design loads into load combinations in a quick and convenient way.

Has a special built-in Recognition tool that automatically detects joints, connections, beams, welds, plates, and other structural elements in the FEA model.

SDC Verifier automates the verification of the FEA model according to numerous standards from the built-in library or user-defined standards. SDC Verifier’s library contains more than 35 different standards and continues to grow.

Report Designer is an advanced tool for automated report generation. Reports in SDC Verifier are template-based and include model setup, model description, and calculated results presented as graphs and tables.  With the report generation feature, engineers can review and compare the impact of design updates to the original design.

The optimization module allows the best design decision to be made for the structure by calculating different combinations of design inputs.

In addition, SDC Verifier has an open API to help automate interaction with software.