SDC Verifier – FEA Consultancy Services

With over 25 years of experience in mechanical design verification, we specialize in serving industries such as heavy lifting, offshore, maritime, naval architecture, energy, and others. Our experienced engineering team has completed 250+ projects using the Finite Element Analysis method to assess strength, fatigue, plate buckling, joints and connections, all adhering to industry standards. Leveraging our own software, we ensure precision and efficiency.


Our expertise in FEM and deep industry knowledge enables us to deliver tailored solutions, helping clients achieve optimal designs, avoid structural problems, and meet certification requirements. We’re your partners in engineering excellence.


SDC Verifier engineering services accompany top global companies’ projects in Heavy Lifting, Offshore & Maritime, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas and other industries. Our engineers, with the help of overarching calculations and reports, help you to pick the best possible project decisions.

Engineering services:


  • Design check and optimization: Choosing the most competitive design to fulfill the needs in strength / complexity / economy sectors.
  • Certification support: Developing the complete calculation procedure with open basis of calculation to comply with the rules of Eurocodes, DNV, ABS, FEM and any other standard.
  • Tender support: Preparation of the full package of structural calculation documents required to participate in tenders and submit the most competitive offers.
  • Structural calculations: By using the modern and innovative software our experienced engineering team is ready to perform structural calculations using FEA methodology of any kind: from Linear Static to Advance Non-linear Dynamic analyses.
  • Building digital twins: We are able to prepare precise and detailed calculation models of your structures to simulate the realistic behavior for further analysis.
  • Cloud based engineering solutions: Using the synergy of our combined engineers/software developers team we provide tailor-made online solutions for your engineering routine.
  • Measurements and inspections: Visiting the site to measure the dimensions, speeds, frequencies, accelerations as well as highlighting the possible problem locations
  • Standard checking: Predicting the residual lifetime, buckling check, weld capacity calculation, joints and connection checks according to most recent and up-to-date codes is the core skill of our team.