Rensair Core 560 | Hospital-grade air purifier | HEPA & UVC

Rensair’s Core hospital-grade air purifier is a heavy-duty, yet portable device suited to a wide range of shared spaces, from hospitals and care homes to offices and hospitality venues.

Its unique combination of HEPA filtration and germicidal UVC light traps and destroys 99% of particles, including Covid-19 and cleans up to 560m3 of air per hour. Single or multiple units can be applied to different sized spaces, with the flexibility to move the unit(s) around to wherever they are needed most. Rensair’s Smart Demand Controlled Ventilation (SDCV) solution uses a combination of CORE and COMPACT connected to Rensair Cloud, our IoT solution, transforming the Indoor Air Quality of your workspaces and buildings and thereby reducing the its’ carbon footprints by more than 40%. Learn more here.