LED Dimmer Inbouw | 0.3-600 Watt | ION INDUSTRIES

The LED Dimmer 0.3-600 Watt is the most powerful model of ION INDUSTRIES. This dimmer has various settings with which you can adjust your lamps perfectly. Due to the high wattage, larger spaces, such as office, retail or schools, can be perfectly equipped with dimmable light. In addition, this LED Dimmer switch has an extra output of 600 Watt with which you can switch another device or light group.


What our dimmer differentiates from other dimmers are the various setting options and high-quality dimming technology. With this dimmer you are assured of well-functioning and non-flashing LED lighting.

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Boost, for anti-popcorn effect (see factsheet for explanation)

Min setting

Max setting

Automatic adjustable


General information:


Suitable for 0.3-600 Watt

Also operates without neutral wire

Suitable for every well-known front plates

Protects against peak voltage

Silent dimming

Rotary knob


Useable as hotel switch


Our LED Dimmer automatically controls the leading edge or trailing edge. The LED Dimmer always works. The Auto Adjustment ensures that the minimum and maximum are set to the wattage of the connected lamp. Furthermore, it is also possible to set the minimum dimming and maximum dimming by means of adjusting screws. In addition, you can adjust the LED Dimmer in such a way that no more flicker occurs when dimming your lighting.




The Built-in LED Dimmer 600 Watt


Adapter set for other brands in cover material


Suitable for following brands:




Merten by Schneider


Tested brands:





Several LED Drivers for example: Meanwell, Tridonic, Osram LE


In addition to these tested brands, we have not yet come across any LED lamps/LED drivers that we could not dim.


Technical Details

Voltage: 230V +/- 10%

Minimum capacity: 0,3 VA

Maximum capacity: 600 VA

Maximum amps: 1,3 A

Consumption without capacity: <=0,35 W

Enclosure class: IP20

Size: 84 mm x 84 mm x 46 mm (size incl. cover plate)

Size: 71 mm x 71 mm x 23 mm (size without cover plate)

Short circuit protection: Yes, automatic

Overload protection: Yes, automatic

Thermal protection: Yes, automatic

Adjustable minimum and maximum level of dimming





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