Skid Trailer for regulatory braking tests

  • Industrial machine dedicated to normative braking tests
  • Central wheel braking
  • Real ground: dry, wet, snow and ice
  • Fully automatized dedicated to an industrial use: braking, vertical load and tire inflation pressure self-watering system

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  • Homologation R117, Labelling and other standards compliant:
    – ISO 15222 (C2/C3 tires)
    – GMW15208 (C2 tires)
    – UNECE R117EU 2020/740
    – ASTM F408
  • Skid Trailer compliant with ISO 17025 accreditation

    High-quality services:

  • Training Maintenance all around the world
    Remote assistance services
  • Calibration according to ISO 17025 requirements
    Traceability to national or international standards
  • Upgradable machine, customizable to fit your needs
  • Updatable software according to norms and regulations evolution