Quasar Smart Relay Tester

Industrial Grade Protective Relay Test Set

The Quasar is the most advanced three-phase relay test set designed for the testing of secondary and IEC-61850 protections of any type with special focus on industrial and routine maintenance applications.


The Quasar features a dedicated Ethernet port complying with the latest specifications dictated by the IEC for modern control, automation and protection architecture. You can interchangeably use the same test routines for any relay type regardless the environment (wired or message based) where it will be installed.

The Quasar is built for endurance in aggressive work conditions including extreme temperature, dust, and harsh transportation. It is encapsulated in first class protection ABS casing and features integral wheels and extensible handle, which makes it remarkably transportable when added to its compact size and reduced weight. You will save the money and annoyance of adding a bulky transport case.