Transparent, light-resistant 2-component polyurethane top sealer for producing slip-resistant, coloured sand scattered coatings and clear resin layers on decorative floorings


Brief description

High-quality, transparent and light-resistant 2-component polyurethane resin for use as a top sealer on slip-resistant coloured sand scattered coatings and as a clear resin layer on smooth surfaces or coatings scattered with partiColor®-Chips (flakes).



  • low-emission
  • non-pigmented, glossy
  • resistant to water and chemicals
  • capable for wet rooms
  • good plasticiser resistance
  • for interior and exterior areas
  • colour-stable


Application areas

  • Unpigmented top sealer for coloured quartz scattered coatings in various slip-resistance grades R10, R11 and R12 (exhibition spaces, showrooms etc).
  • Slip-resistant coverings in wet areas and the food processing industry (kitchens, butcheries etc.).
  • Coverings in outdoor areas (patios, balconies).
  • Decorative coverings with glossy, transparent clear resin surface on a single-coloured polyurethane or epoxy resin floor with marbling created in wiping techniques or decorative flakes scattering.
  • Coverings with textile inlays or printing for unique floors and metallic effect coverings, for instance using partiColor®-Glitter.