INTEWA tunnel infiltration and detention system series

In our tunnel infiltration trenches, the polluted stormwater is first cleaned by upstream sedimentation/filter shafts. The water is then buffered in the large-volume tunnels and infiltrated into the ground from there. This system is particularly cost-efficient in terms of transport, purchase, installation and operation. With only three different 80 cm high components, consisting of start calotte, tunnel and end calotte, two-dimensional systems of any size can be produced without any connecting elements. The area above the Dibt-certified system, which can carry heavy loads of up to 60 t, is available for other uses, such as access roads or parking spaces. A flushing and inspection shaft allows complete control and cleaning of the manifold row. Our tunnel systems are laid on a special, seepable and high-pressure flushable fabric base. Compared to almost all other systems, the tunnel system is thus the only system where the infiltration base can also be cleaned to ensure permanent infiltration capability.