HZ30B chip cooler – maximum cooling capacity, minimum overall height

The HZ30B chip cooler is the response to increasing demands for embedded computing cooling. Its low weight, flat design, and easy mounting set standards without compromising the cooling capacity.


The HZ30B active cooler is an innovative solution as the high-performance MF17B05 RaAxial fan sits flush in an aluminium pinbloc heat sink instead of sitting on the surface. This type of construction enables a remarkably low overall height of only 8 mm so that the chip cooler finds sufficient space even in the most compact device. What’s more, the cooling capacity speaks for itself as the pins are offset so that the air flow is more effective and the thermal resistance of a mere 4.7 K/W is impressive.

Even when it comes to weight, the active cooler sets standards. Its weight of only 11 g makes it ideal for systems where every gram counts and of equal importance it is extremely quiet. In an environment where low-noise operation is significant, it is highly recommendable.

The chip cooler is easy and quick to mount without drilling. We recommend using SEPA EUROPE’s thermally conductive adhesive foil TCT. This foil has an effective thermal contact and can thus contribute to optimizing the cooling capacity.

The integrated mini fan MF17B05 is equipped with a special, highly durable MagFix® sleeve bearing that is designed for operating temperatures of up to 80°C. It is operated with a voltage of 5VDC whereby it consumes as little as 0.3 W.  It has a lifespan of 400000 hours. If necessary, the fan can also be equipped with a tacho output for monitoring the function. The fan and heat sink are also available separately.

The cooling experts at SEPA EUROPE will gladly advise you with regard to selection and design-in.

Source:                                SEPA EUROPE GmbH