Dacon Rescue Frame

Dacon Rescue Frame is a rescue net designed for effective man overboard recovery. The net can be formed into a rescue cradle, allowing you to recover exhausted, seriously injured, or unconscious persons from the water. The Rescue Frame doubles up as a climbing net, allowing physically capable individuals to climb onboard.


Dacon Rescue Frame is suitable for small and medium-sized vessels. It is movable, foldable and takes up little space when stowed on board. During an emergency, the net is easy to deploy and use for your crew.

The rescue net is ideal for gentle horizontal recovery which will avoid aggravation of injuries. The individual being rescued can easily be recovered while lying flat in the cradle.

The Dacon Rescue Frame is a versatile tool. On smaller boats, the net can be handled manually. A crew member can single-handedly recover another individual from the water, just by pulling the frame or retrieval lines. If you have a vessel with a higher freeboard, the net can be deployed using a small deck crane or winch.

We delivery equipment that meet your needs. Our rescue cradle is available in various dimensions that fit freeboards up to 4 m. It can also be delivered in a black version for navy, coast guard etc.